About us

About us


Since 1973, our main business has been the purchase and sale of fashion jewelery and accessories. Our customers are mainly wholesale / retail and advertising agencies.

Our items are delivered throughout Europe / USA.


In this area great importance is attached to the current relevance. Corresponds to our main interest in being able to show a constant change of design. In addition to our focus on fashion jewelry / accessories, we are able to offer the product that is suitable for promotion.

For example.:


all kinds of bags / purses / pencil cases

Hair Accessories

Autumn and Winter Accessoires, scarves, gloves, caps


Small Toys


The most products are manufactured in the Far East. Here we offer you an excellent supplier network that has been built up over many years! We are able to  submit hand samples quickly.


Development from your ideas to completion

Own sample collection with incomplete suggestions in all product groups

Patterns can be made to your liking

The quality is tested by our employees, also in the Far East as well as in Frankfurt

Packaging and price drawings are no problem with legal briefing.